Why Handmade Soap?

Handmade soap is just that, soap, a combination of fats, liquid (water and or milk) & lye. Handmade soaps are not detergents, which is what commercial soaps really are. Soaps naturally have glycerin in them, commercial soaps often remove it and then add it back as a 'great added ingredient'. For anyone who hasn't tried handcrafted soap, they are a wonderful treat for you and your skin's health.

My biggest ingredient change has been the addition of fresh goats milk in my soaps. I now have my own dairy goats who donate their milk every morning to the soap cause. So why is goat milk important? Goat milk contains emollients, vitamins and most importantly capric-capryllic triglyceride, reported to be highly effective as a moisturizer. People with sensitive skin benefit from handmade soaps and their lack of skin drying chemicals.

I also make lotions, salves, body butters, and other body treats. I am always adding new products and gladly accept suggestions from my customers. My soap line started with oatmeal and has continued to grow, mostly at the requests of my customers and the scents that they enjoy. If you don't see something specific, please ask.

Why Do I make soap?

I make soap for 2 reasons, the first is because I found out I could. Soap was one of those mysterious things, that I found out is really not very mysterious after all. There are many ways to make soap, but they all involve a bit of math, a bit of chemistry and in my opinion, a whole lot of magic. I have carefully refined my 'recipe' over the years, choosing oils for their beneficial qualities, adding botanicals and herbs, and most of all the amazing variety of fragrances available. I have gone from Oatmeal and Lavender to over 40 different types of soap. The second reason I make soap, my daughter had dry and irritated skin as an infant, it was a struggle to find something that didn't bother her sensitive skin. By making my own soap, I was able to control what when on her skin and what didn't. There has been no looking back since.